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About the "cloud" requirement

Dear GE,

+ How can we register for a developer account with GE HealthCloud and have access to it?
+ Do we have to use GE HealthCloud services to be eligible for this hackathon or we can use any cloud based service (IBM, Google, Amazon clouds) ?

Please clarify. Thank you so much.


  • Manager   •   over 3 years ago

    Hey Tam,

    Good questions! The Health Cloud is not yet launched so for this competition, we require submissions to be: "a working, cloud-based healthcare software application in one of three categories: clinical, financial, or operational." The categories are further defined on the rules tab: https://gehealthcloud.devpost.com/rules.

    You can use any services and tools you have the rights to use, but the submission needs to be cloud-based and fit the themes mentioned above. We will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday 1/24 with members of the Health Cloud team if you have additional technical questions. We will send out an update on the webinar shortly.


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    Thanks Stefanie !

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