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D-EYE Retinal Imaging System - We are looking for Application Partners

D-EYE is a revolutionary FDA approved smartphone based retinal imaging system. Established in 2105 with over 1500 systems in the field around the world, we are are looking for developer partners to work with us in the medical specialty space to create specific specialist applications for practicing physicians. D-EYE is the modern day ophthalmascope that creates a window to the body. Love to hear from you are we prepare to create our cloud based pathology research platform.


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    I've created a health App it has been build. I would love it if I can partner with someone to develop this game App. You can email me godmoneybusiness@yahoo.

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    I would really like to join in with you guys if you are still looking for partners. I have good amount of development experience and pretty confident that we can pull this challenge off.

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