It’s not news that constantly evolving digital technologies are transforming the medical industry, but the scope of the transformation is remarkable. A recent FDA website says “500 million smartphone users worldwide will be using a healthcare application by 2015, and by 2018, 50 percent of the more than 3.4 billion smartphone and tablet users will have downloaded mobile health applications. These users include health care professionals, consumers, and patients.”

If you’re a software developer or company building a new healthcare app, this rate of growth creates an inspiring, albeit daunting, environment in which to launch your product. What if you had a business partner to help you manage infrastructure, compliance, and growth, letting you focus entirely on building the best possible solution for your users?

The GE Health Cloud, GE’s new cloud platform for healthcare, can be that partner. It is designed to be a secure, connected, scalable, and interoperable cloud platform and accompanying business operation services for billing and subscription management, the GE Health Cloud will offer an unprecedented array of partnership opportunities to easily expand the universe of potential customers and take advantage of GE Healthcare’s global reach.

Put your cloud-based healthcare app on the leading edge of medical innovation. Submit your software for a chance to become one of GE Health Cloud’s first partners, and step into a world of business opportunity.


This challenge is open to all individuals over the age of 18 who are residents of the United States for the duration of the Competition, teams of such individuals, and to all validly formed legal entities domiciled in the United States that have not declared or been declared in bankruptcy.

(In other words, if you're entering on behalf of an organization, the organization needs to be domiciled in the US. If you're not an organization, but an individual or team of individuals, you'll all need to be 18 or older at time of entry, and all based in the US.)

Employees of GE, Devpost, and contractors currently employed by GE or Devpost are not eligible.

Software partners and those receiving funding or assistance from GE for application development are not eligible. Any application that is or was funded or compensated, partially or fully, by GE for its development is not eligible for entry.


Main Requirement: Submit a cloud-based healthcare software application in one of three categories:

  • Clinical applications: Solutions that help healthcare providers improve clinical outcomes to positively impact care throughout the patient journey.
  • Financial applications: Solutions that help providers with comprehensive financial needs, including revenue cycle management, EDI, and tools for value-based payment models.
  • Operational applications: Solutions that empower health systems to effectively manage their workforce to help lower labor costs, improve quality of care, and deliver operational efficiencies.

Submit the following along with your application:

    • A demo video (hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or Youku). Your video should include a screencast or demo of your working application via a step-by-step visual demo.
    • Images. Please submit at least one image/screenshot of your application.
    • A way to access your working application for judging and testing.
    • Summarize your company's impact on healthcare outcomes. You are encouraged also to upload supporting data, whether case studies, user testing results, or other. (We suggest a maximum of 5 pages if you submit any supporting data).
    • Language: All submission materials must be in English, as well as all written materials. If the video, text description, and testing instructions are not in English, an English translation or subtitles must be provided.

New & Existing Solutions: Solutions may be newly created or pre-existing.

U.S.-based: Applications must function and be available in the United States at the time of entry.

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$50,000 in prizes

First Prize (3)

• $5,000 cash
• A Trip to visit GE Digital headquarters in San Ramon, CA. (Travel reimbursement defined in Rules).
• Complimentary registration to the Centricity LIVE 2017 conference in Boston, MA May 17-20, 2017. Interact with GE Healthcare customers in the "Collaboration Zone."
• Opportunity to interact with representatives of GE Ventures.
• Membership Opportunity to GE Health Cloud ISV Alliance.

Second Prize (2)

• $3,000 cash
• Membership Opportunity to GE Health Cloud ISV Alliance.

Honorable Mention (10)

• $2700 USD

Popular Choice Award

• $2,000 cash

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  1. Register for the GE Health Cloud Innovation Challenge on Devpost.
  2. Write a description of your company’s ability and plans to take advantage of the GE Health Cloud tools and services. You can Visit the Health Cloud Background Page to learn more about the potential benefits of the GE Health Cloud
  3. Compile any supporting documentation you may have summarizing your company’s impact on healthcare outcomes such as case studies, user testing sessions, etc.
  4. Shoot your demo screencast video and take screenshots of your functioning app.
  5. Provide a way for us to access and test your solution. (Here’s how to do that.)

Make sure your entry adheres to all the requirements and submit on before 5pm ET on February 28, 2017. Note: Please make sure that you allow yourself enough time before the submissions deadline to adhere to all the submission requirements and complete the submissions form.


April Dunn

April Dunn
Chief Marketing Officer, Global Services and Customer Advocacy, GE Healthcare

Noah Lewis

Noah Lewis
Managing Director, GE Ventures

Dr. Sam Ho

Dr. Sam Ho
EVP, Chief Medical Officer, UnitedHealthcare

Christopher Ross

Christopher Ross
Chief Information Officer, Mayo Clinic

Jay Burrell

Jay Burrell
General Manager, Cloud and Cyber Security, GE Healthcare

Dr. Molly Maloof, MD

Dr. Molly Maloof, MD
Physician, Senior Researcher, Digital Health Advisor

Judging Criteria

  • Potential impact on improving healthcare outcomes.
  • Potential to take advantage of and integrate with the GE Health Cloud.
    For more about the potential benefits to ISVs of the GE Health Cloud, visit the Background page

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